Sunday, August 26, 2007

#23 --THE END

I think I have finished everything! I have:
  1. Registered
  2. Discovered that I am a lifelong learner -- i am a turtle and just have to keep plugging along. I've also discovered that i do enjoy learning.
  3. Set up my blog -- new_learner
  4. Registered my blog and printed off the tracking log and looked at the blogs of others
  5. Explored FLICKR which i keep misspelling. This was fun and it took help from some friends to understand how to upload, and create flickr friends groups.
  6. explored flickr and groups
  7. i think created a blog about technology
  8. Set up my bloglines account and selected several feeds-- i'm not as impressed as i first was about this. i don't seem to be getting that many feeds.
  9. Explored MERLIN which we had also done in the Thompson online training
  10. Played around with the online generator -- i like the one from the u.s. better than GB.
  11. Looked at LibraryThing and created an account -- hopefully to help with nonfiction.
  12. I don't think i Rollyoed -- i'll go back.
  13. Learned about Tagging, Technorati
  14. Explored and created some tags
  15. Read
  16. Learned about Wikis -- i think it would be great to create a book club, src.
  17. I did not add to the sandbox
  18. Looked at the online word processing and signed up. i still have not checked to see if the public can access it.
  19. I did explore the web 2.0 awards list and found other programs
  20. Looked at YouTube -- not that impressed but you can get information before it hits the general news --iphones
  21. Looked at search tools for finding podcasts -- there are many.
  22. Downloaded at home netlibrary. Looked at mydv.
  23. My learning goal was to learn one thing -- I did that and more. I am no where near an expert on any of this but do feel more comfortable as I go along and I think i can continue to use a lot of what i have learned. I definitely think i must do that or I won't be able to share what I have learned or benefit from my training. Most valuable -- wikis, rss feeds, blogs, flickr, downloadable audio and dvd. One thing that I wish I had thought of -- how confusing all of the logins, usernames, and passwords are. I should have had just one! I need to keep a list. this has been quite time consuming but worth it. I do think that it would have helped me to have fewer things to do --i can't imagine 43! I am sad that it is over but i have much more exploring to do on my own. My children are quite impressed that i can flickr and blog.

Week # 9 #22

I have downloaded a book through our net library. I have explained to many patrons how to do it but have not done it form home myself. Now, I wish I had an m3 player to listen. It really is good to have such variety.
I've previewed the downloadable dv -- one could stay glued here all day!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

# 20 & #21-- the week no longer seems relevant

I have explored youtube and have searched the the tools for locating relevant podcasts. I like the best although after several tries, i have not found a podcast worthy of recommending or telling others about. This seems like a fun, looking at new things but i don't think it would be useful for work. And who are these people? What are their credentials?
And why were most just audio? You could spend hours looking at these sites. Why? Reconsidering -- see update in summary -- it is good for non mainstream info.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Week # 8 #18

This was easy to use! I've created an account and a document. It was easy to post to my blog, now to figure out how to edit the document in blogger. Can this be accessed from our public computers? Would you be able to save a document? I'll try it at work today.
I like the google doc a bit better but it looks harder to post


Reading Non Fiction Can Be Dangerous!
After reading a book about Bushnell's first submarine, a gentleman made a model and replicated the journey of the original submarine in the New York harbor. Not a good thing to do!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Week # 9

Oh My! I've just subscribed to an RSS feed from Nordstrom! I knew what they were talking about and knew how to subscribe -- life in the real world!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Week # 7 # 16

So, the difference between a blog and a wiki is that a wiki is more open and accessible to a group than a blog, even if it is not a personal blog like the programming blog where people can add comments. A wiki has a nice format too but it seems like they could be used together like the AASL site. This is a really useful tool and since I have seen the technology before, I feel must more at ease with it, not so intimidated. I think this would make a great way to post book reviews for SRC, adult and children. The Princeton site was very inviting. And I'm glad more has been added to ALA2007 conference. It's nice to have the more up to date links on MERLIN. I like this!